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Ademco Vista Hardware ADI-4164/E

Software Ademco Vista

Ademco Vista central alarm system

Ademco Vista central alarm system consists of two software modules: Polling and Monitoring and of ADI4164RS interface boards which have the function to convert Ademco ECP protocol of standard Vista central alarm systems (VISTA 12, VISTA 48, 4140XMPT2, Vista 120) into a protocol easier to interpret, and to transmit it on a RS485 bus or an Ethernet data network in TCP/IP. The ADI4164RS boards also feature an I/O number to allow associations with video cameras or other applications.


Polling interrogates the field on a regular basis; it communicates with Monitoring through a Database to exchange status signals and commands (This software can also be supplied separately in order to personalize the user interface).


Monitoring is the user interface (synoptic display) that allows visualizing in graphic mode, the status of each central alarm system inside the plant; the operator visualizes a series of rectangles (up to 512) corresponding to all the potential central alarm systems on-site.

Each rectangle contains the initials of the relative central alarm system. The status of the central alarm system is characterised by a specific colour. Significant status changes are notified by a flashing light. By means of the mouse, it possible to visualize the control panel of the central alarm system and possible sectors, acknowledge alarms or send commands.

The two applications are generally installed on two network PCs, one for polling and one for Monitoring; backup can operate on the same computer, if required. The communication with the field takes place according to the system’s requirements, on Ethernet or serial line (RS485); the ADI4164RS boards supplied by us, boast safety features against lightning and other over-voltages, positioned on the part connected to the bus.

For the communication between network interfaces (ADI4164RS) and data networks, an RS232/Ethernet converter is associated or mounted on the board, or an external module is implemented.

ADI4164-F1 RS232 / RS485 / ethernet

Ademco ADI4164-F1 RS232/RS485/ethernet ADI4164-F1 download